Friday, November 6, 2009

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Looking for real sex? Meet other guys tonight!Hot Men in Makati are looking for you!Zachary Warner lived three houses down from the McKenzie's. Every Saturday night Mr. and Mrs. McKenzie would leave around seven and stay out until one or two in the morning.Having just turned fifteen and feeling very adult, Gabe offered to baby-sit their nine year old son, Gabriel, for only five dollars an hour. They were delighted and agreed.The digital clock above the TV flashed 9:00 PM."All-right, Gabe, time for bed." Zac said, standing to his feet and running his fingers through his thick brown hair. With a grumble of disagreement the little blonde haired boy shuffled off and Zac headed to the bathroom next to the boy's room.Easing the door closed he turned and unzipped his pants. Then with a sigh of relief began to unleash the repercussions of three Mountain Dews and a Cherry Cola. He was almost finished when the door eased open and Gabe stepped into the small bathroom. The little boy's eye's widened and his jaw dropped as he observed Zac's unsheathed penis. With a curse under his breath, Zac shook his dick and quickly hid it beneath his pants. He strode over to the little boy and knelt in front of him."You weren't supposed to see that." He said softly. "Okay? You can't tell anyone you saw that."The boy smiled deceitfully." I wanna see it again." He whispered.Zac just stared for a moment, unable to believe what he had just heard."No!"The boy's face wrinkled unhappily and he balled his fists. "I wanna see it!" He cried stamping his foot."No! You can't!""Why!?" The child cried."Because it's not right.""I don't care!" The little boy screamed. "I wanna see it now."Zac rubbed his eyes." No, Gabe. I'm not showing you."The deceitful smile was back." If you don't, I'm gonna tell my mom you made me watch."It took a couple seconds for that to sink in."Fine," He finally sighed. "Go to your room and I'll be right there."Gabe's face lit up. "Then you'll show me!?" Zac sighed hopelessly." Yes. Then I'll show. But only for a second," He quickly added. "Then you have to go to bed."The boy flashed him a toothy grin then sped off towards his room.Five minutes later Zac stepped into Gabe's small room. The little boy sat on his tiny bed against the far wall and smiled enthusiastically when hesaw Zac."Let me see it, let me see it!!" He squealed.Zac groaned. He knew that if he didn't, Gabe would lie to his mom and Zac would be in some deep shit. At least if he did he might be able to convince the child to not say anything and it would seem like this whole thing never even happened. So, with another sigh of hapless desperation, Zac made sure the blind's were shut all the way and closed and locked the boy's door. Then he stepped up in front of the small child and unzipped his jeans.Closing his eyes tightly, he then reached inside his pants and removed his placid penis.For several seconds he stood there, eyes closed, dick out, waiting for some kind of response. When none came, he slowly cracked one eye open to see Gabe staring at his cock with wide eyed, mouth gaping astonishment. For several seconds he watched the unmoving child until with a sigh of relief he tucked himself back into his jeans and zipped up his zipper. The boy wrinkled his face in anger."I wanna touch it!" He screamed.Zac gasped." No! No way! I draw the line here.""I'll tell if you don't!"Zac suddenly let out a cry of frustration. No matter what he did he was screwed. The only chance he had was to let the boy work his curiosity out of his system. He had to let Gabe do whatever he wanted. With a sigh of anger he kicked off his shoes and pulled off his pants. As he reached up to relieve himself of his boxers, Gabe let out a giggle of pleasure. He shed his boxers and sat down heavily next to the boy."Alright," Zac said softly. "Let's make this quick."With a squeal, Gabe leapt from the bed and spun around to kneel between Zac's spread legs, staring at the older boys limp penis. Then, without warning and without hesitation, the child reached out and grabbed a hold of Zac's dick and, despite his better judgment, he felt his cock begin to swell and harden. Gabe smiled and giggled as his new toy quickly grew bigger and harder in his hands. Within moments Zac had a full blown erection and couldn't help but moan with pleasure as the child pulled and tugged on his dick. Then, just as Zac was getting accustomed to the feel of the child handling his man- meat, he stopped.Zac looked down." What's wrong?" He asked the boy. A mischievous grin had covered the boy's face."My friend Joey said that his big brother let's him suck on his peepee." He giggled. "And sometimes when he sucks long enough, creamy white stuff comes out!""If I suck on yours will creamy white stuff come out of it too?"Zac laughed. "Only if you suck real hard."Gabe's face lit up." Cool!" He squealed.Then, like a rabid beast, he fell upon Zac's dick, stuffing the sensitive head into his little mouth. Zac let out a cry of pleasure as the child's hot tongue ran across the tip of his cock. Without thinking he reached down and dug his fingers in the boy's soft blonde hair, thrusting himself deeper into the child's mouth. For several long seconds he humped the boy's face until he felt the child gag beneath him and quickly pulled his cock out of Gabe's mouth.With a grunt of disagreement the child quickly stuffed Zac's dick back into his mouth and continued sucking. With a laugh, Zac reached up and relieved himself of his shirt then once again dug his fingers into the child's soft hair. For several long glorious minutes Gabe sucked on Zac's dick until, with a grunt of pleasure, he felt himself growing close to an orgasm. Just as he was about there, the small boy pulled off and looked up at him. "Am I doing a good job?" He asked sweetly.Zac could barely talk he was panting so hard."You're doing a great job. "Awesome!" he moaned.The boy smiled ecstatically."White stuff comes out now?""If you suck just a little longer it might even come out in your mouth."The boy giggled."Cool!"Then he was sucking again, his cute blonde head bobbing up and down between Zac's legs. Within moments Zac felt himself began to unleash. He tried to hold on, but in one cataclysmic explosion of pleasure he felt hot cum shoot from his dick.Gabe pulled off as Zac's load exploded in his tiny mouth and then squealed as another load of cum splattered him in the face. Then another - and another!. For several long minutes Zac sat there panting and watching strings of his sticky cum drip off the boy's face."Well, I think we've earned a nice hot shower."The child giggled as they both stood up and headed towards the bathroom.Today he'd forgotten to put on his apron and I could finally see the bulge in his tight jeans. Not a disappointment. The guy behind the counter was hot. He was concentrating on the complex coffee orders from the long line of clients and the tip of his tongue protruded from between his lips. A drop of sweat ran down his cheekbones as he ran from machine to counter, issuing staccato confirmations as he put the drinks up on the counter, "One tall soy latte, extra shot; one 1% mochaccino...' and on and on. The line was long and he never had a chance to stop.The lean bulge of his biceps stretched the company-issue t-shirt. It clung to his pecs and showed that, most likely, there wasn't an ounce of fat on his body. I'd been waiting to see this for a long time and I found a nicely-placed table which let me look at him working behind the counter -- from crotch level.I think he noticed.After 3 cups of coffee (can't sit there for hours without drinking anything) nature called. The cafe's small bathroom just had a sink, urinal, and one stall.I walked in and took the stall -- things were flowing when I heard the bathroom door open. Looking at the floor I could see a pair of familiar shoes -- the barista's Vans. I'd been memorizing every detail on him for the last hour after all.I came out and went over to the sink to wash up. Coffee boy was at the urinal finishing off. As the sink's water started to run he looked over. I looked back. Suddenly we both had that half-smile on our faces that showed that we each knew what the other one was thinking and thought it was a good idea.I took advantage of the sliding latch on the door to keep us safe for a little while, and then stepped over to him. His trousers were still at half mast and he turned around -- his cock was attractive, half-hard and growing, a nice shade of very pale caramel with a largish-mushroom-shaped dick.I kneeled and took it in my mouth, pulling his butt forward with my hands -- I needed the whole thing in my mouth as fast as possible -- that's all I'd been thinking of for hours. It grew in my mouth as I took it down my throat. He still had that half-smile on his face.As I sucked he started to make small purring noises and whisper about the special order he had for me -- low-fat high protein.His cock was hard now, and it was wet and slippery. He pulled me up, turned me around and bent me over the sink. Suddenly my pants were down, my cheeks were spread, and something spongy yet hard was pushing against my pucker. In another few seconds, it was working its way in. A little faster than I normally would've preferred, but there was no slowing down his ramming dick. Besides, he only had a few minutes for his break and he needed his treat fast.It was in -- and then the true fucking started. He'd had a rough day and loved the idea of fucking one of his overprecious customers. The yelling if he used 1% instead of 2% milk had gotten to him today, and here he had a willing ass to take it out on.It went on -- him getting faster and faster. Occasionally he would take it out for a few seconds, and I'd beg to have it back in. In it came -- at full force, no need for subtlety. I'm guessing 7 inches and thick -- just the right size for me. Meanwhile I'd spit on my hand and was stroking myself -- deep in the pleasure of this unexpected and oh-so-desired impalement.He was getting there -- I felt that tightening in his body and slight swelling of his dick in me that indicated that he was going to come. He gave a muffled grunt and I felt his cream start shooting inside me; that was my cue. I soaked the floor with pent-up sperm.After the last shot, I felt him pull out roughly. He washed up (yes, he washed his hands too) all the time looking at me with that half-smile on his face. He then unlocked the door and walked out. Fortunately nobody had been waiting.I walked out of the bathroom a minute later, grabbed my stuff from my table and headed to the door. Coffee boy was already back at his espresso machine, looking somewhat less stressed than he had been, that half-smile still on his face. He saw me looking and a barely-perceptible wink made its way to me as I left.Related post "Of Asian Best Gay Galleries"
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Jack of all traits
Here is the list of picture galleries
For The Love of Indian hot hunks
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The Business Trip in asia 1 -- A new experience
A horny teenager in the block
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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Crossing the Bisexual Bridge to Phallic Hypnotics

Any man who claims to have never sucked a cock is either lying, or he has actually never sucked a cock. Any man who claims to have sucked only one cock, however, is certainly lying.

You can't eat just one.

And finally, any man who claims that he will never suck a cock is probably telling the truth, but wishes he was lying.

With the internet making it so damn easy to come upon hi-res jpegs of hard-cock closeups, more and more men are bicoming mesmerized, hypnotized, pleasurized by the tractor beams emanating from beautiful dicks. They are drawn in -- and they are happy to give in because they want to give fellatic head so bad they can almost taste it. They need to taste it.

But to travel from almost cocksucking to almighty cocksucking often requires a cock compass to follow the destiny to dick. And when you need a tour guide for this adventure, a cheerleading cunt can be the perfect choice.

But to find one. Or two, or twenty....

Here' the trick: Answer the personal ads. Guess which ones?

No, not M seeks M, or M seeks F, of F seeks M, but yes, F seeks F. But be polite because you are not trying to turn lesbians straight or worm into their scene as a voyeur. You leave a message in their box (their voice mail box) and tell them you are a M seeking a M with the help of a F.

Tell them it doesn't have to be them but that they might know of another F or F's who could MC a MM encounter (or MMM or MMMMM, ad infinitum). I mean if two women independently asked the same guy to find a bi or lez woman for a fling, wouldn't any guy if he were that guy make the introduction quicker than the speed his cock got hard when he came across his first girl-girl "spread" in Penthouse?

You bet.

First bi fuck
So find the woman or women. She or they will line up a few cocks (be warned, eventually you will want a few hundred). Tell her exactly what you are looking for, maybe even download and print some of those internet closeups to show them precisely the penis types you find perfecto.

See, first we thought just snow flakes were beautifully unique, then we discovered breasts to be the same, now we know that cocks can be so very cute in oh so many ways.

Most women will have seen cocks just like those you seek. Then the movement you felt when seeing just the fantastic pictures of bare-shaved raging-hard ebony-colored 10-inch boners will become an earthquake when you get to see the real deal. You'll be mesmerized and hypnotized by the phallus of your dreams.

You'll be a Division One dick licker, with cheerleader(s). She or they will love introducing you to your first mouth fuck, your first gush of tasty hot cum, your first blow job given rather than received, and it is pretty much better (or at least just as good) to give than to receive. And although it won't be your last, imagine it to be so and you will treasure the moment even more.

Pretty soon your cheerleader or cheerleaders will still be cheering, but in your cock-loving trance you will no longer hear them. You will have reached the zone.

And that zone is not twilight but dawn. It is sunrise as you start going down, and it will soon be high noon forever.

You'll always remember and relish your first bi experience because it got you where you needed to be. You always knew it, but only recently knew that you knew it.

And while kissing tips, don't forget to tip the cheerleaders. You need to thank them profusely so they will be equally encouraging for the next guy who happens bi.

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

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Lost and found chapter 1

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I rolled on my side and shoved my hands between my knees. I thought that I heard a sound but scrunched more deeply into the warmth of the blankets. Again the sound........ maybe the phone...........yeah, the phone. I reached out and snatched it, pulling it back into the warmth of the covers with me.

It felt cold next to my face. "Yeah?"

"You awake boss?"

"Oh fuck! Yeah Rosie. What's up?" I reached out with my other hand and turned on the light, the harsh glare making me close my eyes.

"Things are down big time in Europe and you've got a nice profit. You thinking of sitting on that or you want me to cash it in?"

I sat up in bed, finally waking up. "No. I wanna keep all of those short postions. I think we're gonna see a few weeks of this." I leaned my head back against the headboard of the bed and closed my eyes. "I think they wanna scare the crap out of everybody so I'm just gonna ride with it." I looked down at my dick sticking up, I pushed it down with my finger and then let it slap back up. Reaching down to the end of the bed I grabbed my bathrobe pulling it up and over my shoulders.

"Okay. You comin in?"

"Yeah Rosie, couple of hours, maybe less."

"See ya then boss."

"Later Rosie." I pushed the off button on the phone and laid it on the nightstand.

I wrapped my terrycloth bathrobe around me tight. The room felt cold and looking outside the day looked like it was going to be a typical November day, cold, overcast and depressing. Dried leafs were being blown across the barely visible yard. In the bathroom I peed and then stared at myself in the mirror.

"Asshole!" I thought. "Janet thinks you're an asshole, your kids think you're an asshole, not only an asshole but a pervert. Well, don't be unfair to Janet, she thinks you're a pervert too."

Looking at myself in the mirror I said out loud. "They're young. They'll come to feel differently."

I stepped on the scale then got off it and started to get into the shower when I realized that I hadn't even looked at my weight. I got outta the shower and weighed myself again. The same 180 pounds that it always is. I stepped back in front of the mirror and made a muscle. "Not bad, not bad at all."

In the shower I jerked off like I always did, wondering how many gallons of cum I had rinsed down this drain over the years. What if the markets in Europe rallied? You'll get creamed. They won't rally. They'll keep falling.

I shaved and walked naked back into my bedroom and then into my closet. I dug out a pair of boxers, slipped them on and then stepped into a pair of soft flannel slacks in a delicate gray, then a deep maroon shirt of very soft wool with long sleeves and a few inches of zipper at the throat. It occurred to me that I had never seen these clothes before. William in San Francisco just sent them. Every season he sends me clothes. I was suppose to send them back if I didn't like them but I never did because I'd feel stupid doing that and from time to time he'd call to see if I liked them and I always said yes and thanked him even though most of the time I didn't know what he'd sent. I had a lot of clothes.

The leather seats in the car were cold and I could see my breath. I pushed the button in the visor and the garage door went up and I pulled out into the cold morning. I looked at my house in the rearview mirror. It looked dead or sleeping or some shit like that, depressing. I knew that Ralph would be coming soon and then the house would come alive. Ralph had a way of doing that. When I got back, the house would be a home, bright with lights and a fire in the fireplace, Ella on the stereo and the smell of food cooking. Janet let me keep Ralph. Well the truth is that she didn't have a choice. He didn't like her, she had always been a bitch to him.

I drove down the blacktop road that led from my house to the main road, the cold of the road coming through in the sound of the tires on it. Things were pretty quiet, it was still early. Looking left and right I could see a few sets of headlights and taillights heading north and south. I turned the car south and brought it quickly up to highway speed. I love this car. I don't usually dwell much on material things but I love this car. I glanced at myself in the rearview mirror. "Bond, James Bond" I laughed out loud.

As I approached the Wisconsin Illinois border I saw the rest area and realized that I had to pee. I slowed the car and looked for cops. I needed to cut across the center strip of the highway to get easily to the rest area and that was illegal. The coast was clear and I swung into the area normally used only by the cops and headed north to the entrance to the rest stop. Well actually it was more than that. In warmer weather it served as a greeting center for people visiting the state and during warm weather the place would be crammed with tourists. They gave away maps and brochures and could really be pretty helpful but now that part of it was closed down and just the toilets were open, the main part of the building closed and shuttered. An old van was pulling out as I was pulling in.

I got out of the car and walked quickly under the bright floodlights to the john, the wind was cold and I was anxious to get back to the warm car. I pulled open the steel door and started walking to the urinals my footsteps echoing against the concrete block walls. I had never even thought to look at the stalls but now I could hear a sound coming from them. It was a gurgling sound and almost a whimper. I finished peeing and flipped my dick back in my boxers and cautiously looked over toward the stalls, I couldn't see anything at first but when I stepped back I saw something that looked like a bundle of fabric in the last stall. I tried to look in the stall without getting too close and then the whimpering sound again. I moved slowly to the door of the stall.

It was a man, or more accurately a boy. He was in dark, torn clothing and his black hair was matted with blood, his legs were splayed out at an odd angle. His right arm was on top of the toilet seat and his head layed against the gray concrete block wall. There was blood pumping out of his nose and draining out of his mouth. His face was badly bruised and beginning to swell. I must have said "Oh fuck!" out loud because he opened his eyes and looked at me with a look of complete horror. He held up his left arm as if to ward off a blow.

I held up my palms to indicate that I didn't intend to hurt him. "It's okay buddy, it's okay. I'm gonna help ya." I grabbed my cell phone and dialed 911. As I was explaining what I had found he was trying to stop me but since he couldn't move it consisted of plaintively waiving his left hand. Once I had closed the phone I looked at him and he dropped his hand in total defeat. Then looking right at me with tears in his eyes he said. "Hurts." His eyes were a bright blue and were electrifying even under these circumstances. I reached out slowly and lightly touched the top of his hand.

"You're gonna be okay." I gestured toward the door. "They're coming, you'll be okay."

He rolled his head slowly and looked up at me. He closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them again. "Doesn't...........matter." There was another pulse of blood from his nose.


The flashing lights of the ambulance were pulling away when the officer came over to me, the leather of his jacket creaking. "Mr. Palmer can we get your phone number? I don't suspect we'll need it but ya never know."

"Sure. I'm going to the office." I pulled out my wallet. "Here's my card. You can always get me through there." I turned to walk to my car but stopped and turned back.

"What's gonna happen to the kid officer?"

He was writing in a notebook and looked up. "They'll take him to the county hospital. I'll probably interview him there once they clean him up and stabilize him. It's hard to know if there's something seriously wrong with him. I don't think so, just a bad beating but we won't know till the doc's get a look at him." He looked directly at me. "You get used to it. I mean, I know that it's shocking, the violence, blood." His voice trailed off.

"What's the kids name officer?"

"No idea. No wallet, no ID of any kind and he wouldn't give us his name. He's terrified. When something like this happens, especially to someone young, it more than scary it takes a big emotional toll. They probably told him that they'd come back and get him. Some shit like that and they also probably rolled him."

Somehow I didn't think that that was it. There had been more than physical pain on the boy's face, a kind of agony of the spirit that seemed to go deeper.

A minute later I was back on the road on my way to the office but that face was before me. "Doesn't matter." Why would he say that unless there was so little to his life that it really didn't matter, that it really didn't matter whether he lived or died. Five more miles down the road I pulled over to the shoulder of the road and sat, thinking. Finally I tapped the accelerator and the car sprang forward. I turned hard left and drove through the center of the highway again and headed back. I picked up the car phone and called Rosie.

"Sweetheart, I need you to do some stuff." Rosie is my secretary, well, more my assistant. She's a black lady who's about 5'4" and about two hundred and fifty pounds. She's also got a brain that I'd put up against IBM's best.

"First of all, as we speak there's an ambulance headed for the county hospital. In it is a guy with black hair and blue eyes, maybe twenty years old, who's been beaten up. Call the hospital and see to it that he's taken care of. I'm on my way there but I want their best effort."

"Next call my doctor and have him recommend someone on the hospital staff to treat the kid, somebody good. And don't let him give ya that shit that they're all good. Next call Callin & Callin and have them send an attorney over there to represent the kid. The cops'll be talking to him and..............I just want him......... not to be alone." I took a breath.
"Any questions Rosie?"

She was clicking with her tongue at the thought of the violence involved. "Not about this but you got a second?"

"Sure Rosie."

"Well that dumbass real estate agent has been calling about that land. You want it?"

"Yeah but I don't wanna pay what they want."

"Boss," she said indulgently, "that's a given."

"Well.........get it for me Rosie, but cheap."

"But Rosie, this other stuff first. It's important."

"Boss, you can't see it but I'm already dialin."


The wonderful thing about Rosie is that you don't have to spell things out for her. In a way it's a little scary, like she's reading my mind but the upside is worth it. As I was pulling up to the hospital so was the attorney from Callin & Callin. God only knew what Rosie had said to get a lawyer over here that quickly but it was the sort of thing she pulled off every day.

The guy saw me and was buttoning up his overcoat as he walked over holding out his hand. "You must be Mr. Palmer." We shook hands. "Your secretary said to look for a blond guy in a BMW. I'm Michael Worthington."

"You made good time." He was a nice looking guy, dark brown hair cut fairly short and warm brown eyes or maybe hazel.

"I was already up," he smiled, "ready to leave for the office anyway."

We started walking to the emergency room entrance. "Somebody beat this kid, beat em pretty bad. The kid is scared, won't even give his name. I have no reason to believe that he did anything or is guilty of anything but I want you there to protect him."

"Can I ask what the connection is? I mean between you and the kid?"

I looked at him for a second, wondering. "No connection." I thought of those blue eyes. "I just found him."

I stopped just as we were approaching the nurses stand in the emergency room. Michael kept walking for a second before he realized that I had stopped then he walked back to me. "Problem?"

"You go. Do the lawyer thing and then come and tell me. I'll," I looked around, "I'll be in the coffee shop."

I followed the signs to the coffee shop and was working on my second cup when Michael slid in to the other side of the booth. He had an odd look on his face and he raised his hand almost like he wanted to stop the very words coming out of his mouth.

"Mr. Palmer, I'm so sorry but...........the boy is dead." He hurried on. ‘They don't know why yet.......... His words just trailed off.

The words made me feel like I had walked into a fog, an ice blue, acid fog. "Oh. Oh god." I dropped my eyes to the table. "I should have stayed with him. He said it didn't matter and I should have known." I looked up into Michael's eyes. "If I had stayed with him I could have made him hang on...........I. You see? I coulda stopped him. He said that it didn't matter what happened to him but I coulda made him understand that people cared." I closed my eyes and all that I could see was the boys face with those blue eyes staring at me, burning into my brain, asking why I didn't stay with him. I wasn't really aware of the fact that I was dropping my forehead to the table but then I could feel my head resting on my hands. I felt certain that I could hear someone crying in the distance, like maybe down the hall, sobbing uncontrollably. Then Michael was pulling me out of the booth.

I felt more devastated then when my Dad died, worse than the divorce or even when my kids told me they hated me. How did that boy become so important to me? What had I invested in his existence that I didn't realize that I had?

I felt Michael's hands on my arms and then he was gently pulling me out of the passenger side of his car, supporting me and walking me to his townhouse. It was so quick he must live only a minute or two from the hospital. I could still hear the crying and it was getting louder. I felt Michael sit me down on a sofa and then he wasn't there and then he was back and gave me a damp towel but it was like I didn't know what to do with it it was just lying in my hands and the Michael took it and wiped my face. I was beginning to feel like I was coming back together and I knew that I was the one crying but it was beginning to stop. I could feel Michael gently put his arm on my back and then he pulled me to him, I was actually half lying against him, his left arm was around me and I think that I had finally stopped crying although every minute or so I would be slammed with another wave of emotion and it would start again but only for a few seconds.

"Fuck Michael, I'm so sorry! You couldn't have figured on me going nuts. I sure didn't."

Michael spoke tentatively. "I thought maybe you..........and the boy were like boyfriends..........or something."

I looked at him blankly. "How did you know that I was gay?"

"Your divorce. The whole state knows that you're gay."

"Shit." I rubbed my eyes with my hands. "I keep forgetting. Your question, attitude, this mean that you're gay too?"

"Yep, queen city."

"Michael, I'm so sorry this, happened? I don't ever collapse like this!"

"It's okay, I liked holding you. I liked that you cared enough about a stranger to react like this."

I twisted around so that I could look at Michael, there was a slight smile on his face. "That a come on?"

"Well, kinda. The firm frowns on fraternizing with clients so I'm kinda taking a chance. I'm hoping that if you don't go for me at least you won't rat on me."

"Michael, convince me that I'm not to blame for that kids death."

"You already know that you're not."

"Why do I feel so fucking horrible?"

"Well, it is horrible but it isn't a horror that you caused or could have changed. You were just a witness, not really a participant."

"I won't rat on you Michael. I mean regardless, I wouldn't rat on you but would you come to my house tonight for dinner? I need to be with another gay guy for a while. Does that make any sense? I can't be emotional with straight people like I can a gay guy." I didn't know how to explain, without feeling like a fool, that after the emotional breakdown that he had just helped me through, that I felt a closeness to him that I couldn't remember having felt for anyone else.

Michael wrapped his arm just a bit more tightly around my chest. "Is this like a date dinner or more like client and lawyer dinner?"

"Date dinner, slash, getting to know you better dinner. But look just because I'm a client...........I mean, don't attach any significance to that. Don't feel like it's something ya gotta do because that's not the case. "

"Well, in that case, what time should I be there?"

"Early. Whenever you can get there or wanna be there." I put my hand over Michael's. "And dress casual, not GQ coverboy casual but comfortable like you'd wanna be at home."

Michael smiled at me. "You don't like coverboys?"

"I guess they're okay when they're on covers but I wanna know the real Michael. I need to be with a real person right now." Michael bent his head and buried his nose in my hair.

"Why does your hair smell so good?"

I kinda laughed. "I dunno. It could be that stuff they send me. I think that's what I've been putting on it."

Michael rolled his eyes. His eyes were hazel and kind and he spoke with exquisite softness and also a gently huskiness to his voice. "You know, I think it's like a law that gay guys gotta know what they use on their hair. How can you not know that?" He slightly raised an eyebrow and there was a sexy crinkling at the corner of his eye.

"Well see I got this guy in San Francisco. He works at that big men's store there. I can never think of the name, it's right by Union Square. Well anyway, years ago I got this guy to do like my shopping for me, like for clothes and stuff and even toiletries. God I hate shopping. Anyway in the spring and the fall William, that's his name, sends me clothes for whatever season is coming up and also this shaving stuff and hair stuff. He said to send back whatever I don't like but I usually just keep it. I know Ralph clips off the tags and hangs the stuff up."

"Ralph?" Michael said a little loudly.

"He worked for my Dad, he's kinda old. After dad died Ralph just came to work for me. He's great! He takes care of the house and cooks and stuff." I felt it coming and lowered my head. "Oh!"

Michael reacted instantly. "What? You okay?"

"The boy! Oh god!" Michael pulled me against his chest and kissed my forehead.

"Hang on. It'll pass. Remember, you were only a witness. You are not to blame."

"Keep telling me. I wanna believe it."


"He's dead Rosie. The boy died." At this point I sure was no judge of how my voice was sounding but probably not good. "I let the ambulance take him but I shoulda stayed with him."

"Boss, I just talked to the hospital and that boy died of internal injuries. That's what the doctor told me and I questioned him plenty about it too. There ain't nothing you coulda done and you did a damn site more than most people woulda done."

"Rosie I want you to hire detectives. I want to know why. I want to know who did that to the boy."

Rosie was silent for a few seconds. "I'll do it right away boss to Michael about it.............for me."

"Rosie, how the hell do you know about Michael?"

"Boss you ask me to send an attorney for ya you gotta know that I'm gonna know somethin about him."

"You know he was gay?"

"Hmmmm. Well, I didn't know, not exactly."

"What do ya know about him?"

‘Well let's see. He's twenty-nine, never married, brown hair, hazel eyes, bout six feet tall, looks to be about your weight, went to law school at the University of Chicago and he specializes in mergers and acquisitions. I was a little disappointed in that but I couldn't find a criminal lawyer and such short notice."

"I don't suppose you know what he likes to eat, he's comin to dinner tonight?"

"Boss that's a set up for cheapass joke so I'm just sayin he'll be happy with whatever Ralph fixes you guys."

I laughed for the first time in hours. "Rosie I'm goin home. I gonna take a nice hot bath and relax."

"Whatever you need to do but if it was me I'd wait and take that bath with Michael."

"Oh lord, good bye Rosie!"


"Ralph, there'll be another person for dinner." I dropped my car keyes in the bowl in the kitchen.

"Yes sir. Rosie already called me." Ralph's voice, as always, was calm and modulated. "I thought a nice stuffed roasted chicken with oven roasted potato's, asparagus and a tossed salad with sautéed pecans and feta cheese. And I have a few baguets of French bed from that new bakery."

"God that sounds wonderful Ralph!" My muscles felt sore from the tension of the day. "I'm gonna have a martini and a hot bath."

"Sir you go ahead and I'll bring you in the martini."

"Thanks Ralph." I took a few steps and then turned back to him. "Ralph how the hell does that woman keep all this stuff in her head?"

Ralph laughed. "Sir, she been like that since she was a little girl. She started working for your dad when she was sixteen and when he saw what he had there he made her go to school.' He laughed again and shook his head slowly. "She sure is somethin."

I had just slid into the hot soapy water when the intercom buzzed. "Sir, Michael Worthington is here for you."

"Ask him what he likes to drink Ralph and send him up."

Moments later Michael stood at the doorway looking at me. "I had hoped to get you pretty much into this position but I thought it was gonna take longer."

I laughed. "Okay, strip down and get in." Michael was wearing jeans a green sweatshirt and loafers.

"You are kidding?"

"Nope. Okay, I do promise not to look until you get into the water and the tub is big enough for four."

"What about Ralph?" Michael had kicked off his shoes and was stripping off his socks.

"Ralph won't bat an eye. Besides it's his problem." Michael had pulled his sweatshirt off over his head. Nice chest, a little hairy.

He unzipped his jeans and I could see the white of his underwear. "Okay, you promised that you wouldn't look. I feel dumb enough already."

I laughed. "Okay, okay, I'm covering my eyes." I put my hands over my eyes and could first hear Michael pulling off his jeans and then felt him getting in the tub.

After he was settled across from me I dropped my hands and looked at him. "Boy did I wanna cheat!"

Michael laughed and looked down for a second.

There was a discreet knock on the door and then Ralph came in with two glasses and a small pitcher of martini's. Ralph's face was a study in nonchalance. "Sir dinner should be ready in less than an hour." Then added delicately. "I'll buzz you on the intercom."

"Thanks Ralph."

Michael looked up rather sheepishly and also said. "Yes, thanks Ralph."

I reached over and poured us each a drink. Handing Michael his I said. "Don't talk, don't even think until you've had this."

Michael laughed, took his drink and leaned back in the tub. My bathtub is huge, you could easily fit four people in it. I took a strong swallow of my drink and laid my head back against the tub closing my eyes. In a little while I felt movement in the water and when I opened my eyes Michael was sitting next to me rather than across from me.

He gave me a lopsided grin. "I got lonely over there."

Reaching down into the water with his right hand he laced his fingers through mine. I thought for a second that I might start to cry again but it passed.

I looked at Michael. "Thanks for being there today. I couldn't have gotten through it without you."

"I was glad to help. I've seen you from time to time when you've come into the office." He turned his head shyly back toward the water. "I always wanted to meet you but well, it just never happened." Then he seemed to think of something and said. "I don't mean that I wanted to meet you for business. It's just that when I moved here from the Chicago area I didn't know anyone and working where I work it's not like I can go running around to the bars." He looked at me with his brow furrowed and a vulnerable look on his face. "I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm lonely."

I looked at Michael and then quickly looked away, when I looked back I said. "I don't think that you're gonna have that problem anymore."

He never took his eyes from mine but asked. "Jeff, since we're sitting here together naked would you mind if I kissed you?"

I spoke softly. "I'd like that. Actually I think that I really need that."

Michael slid his right hand slowly behind my back and then reached over me with his left hand and pulled my face towards him while he moved toward me. As his lips were touching mine I could feel his left leg slide between my legs and our cocks press together. His arms around me were strong and the kiss was deep and confident. In a minute or so he pulled his head back and stared into my eyes.

He spoke quietly, his mouth a fraction of an inch from mine. "You know, you can let go if you want. If you need to cry or scream or anything in between, it's okay. Or if you just want me to hold you." He smiled. "It's not like I don't want to anyway."

I swung my right leg over Michael so that I was straddling him, we both had hardon's and we both ignored them. I laid my chin on Michael's shoulder while sitting in his lap facing him.

"It's just that he had his whole life ahead of him and the more that I think of it he knew that he was dying and he said that it didn't matter." I lifted my head and looked at Michael. "Didn't matter! I wanna hire detectives to find out what happened but Rosie said that I should talk to you first."

Michael looked puzzled. "Rosie?"

"She's the lady that talked to you this morning."

"Oh god! My interview for a job with the firm was easier. What does she do for you?"

"Geez, Rosie does everything. I mean we've got about twenty people with the company but Rosie.......well, first she's my assistant but that doesn't do her justice. I don't know what she said to you this morning but I can imagine. But look at it this way, isn't that what you'd want done for you?" I smiled at him. "Besides, she likes you."

"You're fucking kidding? She likes me? But she doesn't even know me and she sure didn't sound like she liked me this morning."

I laughed and told him the statistics that Rosie had on him. "But she didn't know you were gay. And she doesn't know how good a kisser you are, although she's probably already made and educated guess at that. When I told her I was going home and take a hot bath she suggested that I wait and take it with you." I laid my head back and turned it toward Michael. "Also she and Ralph form a network. It may sound weird but it's kinda comforting. By the time I got home Ralph already knew that some deep shit had happened and he was planning a comfort food dinner. And like sometimes I'll have to meet with investors in a more formal way and then Ralph will have laid out whatever I need to wear. They communicate."

The intercom buzzed and I reached over Michael to press the button. "Sir, the dinner is ready and I've just placed it in the warming oven. Sir, if you don't mind serving yourselves I'll be headed home."

"Thanks Ralph, hi to Harriet."

"Good night sir."

After I clicked off the intercom Michael wrapped his arms around me and pulled my head down for another kiss, his head tilted and his tongue deep in my mouth.

I pulled my head back. "God you taste good." I stood up and taking Michael by the hand pulled him gently out of the tub. "Time to eat." When I looked at the wall where my bathrobe usually hangs I had to laugh. There were now two bathrobes hanging there. I showed Michael. "See, they network."

On our way to the kitchen I gave Michael a tour of the house. "This area where my bedroom is also contains my office and a workout room." We walked further down the hallway until we were next to the front door. I pointed left. "All the way down is the living room, over here to the right is the rec room. You can also get to the kitchen that way. Pointing at the stairs just to our left. "These take you up to a few spare bedrooms. Of course when I had the kids here they used two of them." As we walked on past the front door, "dining room to our right and right ahead of us is the way that you came in. To the right leads to the side door, laundry room and garage and to the left the kitchen."

Michael was shaking his head slowly. "Holy shit this place is big!" There was an odd tone to his voice.

"Michael, my dad started The Palmer Company a long time ago. It was a successful business when I was a little kid and then after I got outta college he brought me into the company and taught me." I took Michael's hand while I was talking. "Not counting today, I work really hard. There are a lotta people who depend on me, employees and investors and I take it seriously. But I guess the point that I'm making is that the hard part was done for me. So don't be too impressed."

Michael turned to me and smiled, then he slowly opened my bathrobe and wrapped his arms around my naked body and pulled me to him. "Ya know, for a rich kid, you're a pretty nice guy."

"Awe shucks, you're just tryin to get into my pants."

Michael dropped his hands lower until they were on my butt. "But your not wearin any pants."

"Then you're tryin to get into my.......................maybe we better eat."


The kitchen table looked like a chicken had exploded on it and Michael and I were leaning back in our chairs. "I can see why you like Ralph. Everything he cook this good?"

"Pretty much."

"What was that sauce?"

"Ahhhh, I think he just adds wine to the pan and boils it all down and then adds heavy cream."

Michael grabbed his waist. "Cream! Heavy cream! I must have had a cup of that!"

I tilted my head to the side and smiled. "Michael, you have a, what, thirty-four inch waist and sixpack abs. I think you can handle the cream." I got up and walked over to Michael and straddled his lap facing him, we still had on our bathrobes but had long since quit worrying about whether or not they were closed. "How about some coffee in the living room?"

Michael reached down and while gently cupping my balls looked up into my eyes. "How about some cock in the living room?"

"Nope I'm saving the cock for later, now it's coffee time." I got up and pulled him up. We poured a couple of mugs of coffee and walked into the living room. The fireplace was lit and I turned on some quiet music. The logs in the fireplace had burned down since Ralph had started them and Michael and I threw a couple more on, poking them until they lit.

We were cuddled together on the sofa with the only light coming from the fireplace and a small lamp in the corner of the room. Michael pointed at the piano and asked. "You play?"

"No, my mom does. I took lessons for years but don't remember a thing."

"Where's your mom live?"

"She's got a house in town but she goes to Florida in October and doesn't come back until May." I smiled at him. "Don't worry, she won't walk in. Since the whole gay thing became common knowledge she gives me a lotta space. She's gotten very close to my ex-wife, which of course gives her access to the kids."

Michael sat up a bit. "That's right, I forgot about the kids."

"They're trying to do the same with me."

Michael was leaning his head on his hand and put the other one on my chest. "How you dealin with that?" His eyes were echoing the flames in the fireplace.

I covered his hand with mine. "Not much I can do about it right now. It seems like everything that I try to do only makes things worse. So I'm just kinda laying back. I call them a couple of times a week and am mostly met with silence but I'm hoping that eventually they'll realize that I'm doing it because I do care. Anyway, right now I'm the asshole pervert that ruined their lives."

Michael put his hand on the side of my face and turned it to him. "That's not the guy I saw today. The guy I met today is a kind, smart, loving guy, not an asshole and sure as hell not a pervert." He smiled. "Okay, so maybe a little bit of a pervert." I gave him a dirty look. "Hey ya knew me for a half a day and you're taken a bath with me!"

"Well you shit!" I pushed Michael backwards so that he was lying on his back on the sofa. I climbed on top of him and pushed his arms back against the cushions. "Ya know it's not like you fought too hard to keep your clothes on!"

Michael was laughing. "You do realize that you're sitting with your naked butt on top of a dick that has been hard for the last three hours?"

I bent forward laying my chest on top of Michael's and my face next to his buried in his neck. "You saved me today............and I don't just mean because of the death of the boy. You brought something into my life that's never really been there. I thought that it was there with Janet but I know now that that was just something I hoped was there, it was never real." I pushed myself up so that I could look Michael in the eye. "But..............don't let me push you into something you don't want. I can do that sometimes. If you want to be just friends that's okay but I'm hoping it'll be more than that."

Michael pulled my face back down to his and kissed me and then rolled me off to the side so that we were lying face to face. He was rubbing the back of his knuckles over my chest.

He spoke very softly but firmly. "When I was a sophmore in college I was walking down the hall in the dorm one evening and it suddenly hit me that all those feelings that I had been having for men my whole life meant that I was a faggot. Not gay, because I didn't think in those terms then but a faggot. I went to bed and stayed there for two days.

I was afraid to be around other guys because maybe they'd know, so as soon as I could, I got an apartment off campus. During the day I went to school and was just a normal college guy and at night I would come home, eat and then take the gun that I bought outta my dresser, cock it and sit on the sofa watching TV with it in my lap, hoping to get up the guts to pull the trigger. I can remember that the mornings were the worst, when you're almost awake but not quite and you can't really feel anything yet and I'd think that maybe I had dreamt it and that I was really straight and then it would all come back to me in a wave, a sickening wave. Well, that went on for almost a year and then one day something just changed. I made the decision to live."

"Not that everything got better, because it didn't. I was still a self-imposed loner, because I didn't know if I could trust myself or anyone else. But somehow I made it through college and became a lawyer and then things got a bit easier. I was living in Chicago and working for the law firm that I had interned at and I even got the occasional blowjob. And when I say blowjob that's just what I mean, I didn't kiss because, I realize now that that would have been proof that I was gay and I sure as hell didn't reciprocate."

"Anyway, fast forward. Joel Callin, who I went to school with calls me outta the blue and asks me to come to Madison for an interview. Long story short, I get the job. So now I'm an attorney and I find that I've got a flair for M&A and Callin & Callin treat me pretty good but I'm still lonely as fuck. Then comes your divorce, biggest, messiest, divorce the state has ever seen and then one day I see you walking in to Mr. Callin's office and I think, damn that's a cute guy and he looks normal, nobody would know that guy was gay except for this shit. From then on I made it my business to find out when you might be coming into the office because every time I saw you it was like there was hope." Michael's eyes were glistening but his voice was firm. "Then comes today, Rosie calls the office and the call gets forwarded to me at home. She gives me the third degree for about five minutes and tells me to get my butt over to the hospital.........and well, the rest you know."

"So Jeff, this isn't something you're pushing me into," he touched my face with his finger tips, "this is my dream." Michael looked at me with a worried look. "God, don't tell me that all this shit has freaked you out!"

I kissed Michael quickly on the lips. "You're not freaking me out! What about your parents? You know about mine."

"I really didn't freak ya?"

"Nope. Okay, come on, parents, give!"

"Well, mom and dad are both alive and living in Chicago. They deal with my being gay by never, and I do mean never, ever, mentioning it. It's like it doesn't exist. As far as their concerned I'm a straight guy who's taking a break from sex, just waiting for the right girl to come along."

I rolled forward and kissed Michael lightly again. "Are you sure that we can rule that one out?"

Jeff pulled my head to his, laying his cheek against mine. "Michael, I've never had a sexual thought about a woman but I've had a hardon for at least half the time that I've spent with you this evening."

I gave Jeff a look and then slowly got up taking him with me. Never letting go of his hand, I flipped off the living room lights and pulled him with me to the bedroom. "You are staying tonight aren't you?"

"Well gotta promise me that you'll get me up early. I mean I can't go to work in jeans."

"You could probably wear my stuff. We're about the same size." Michael got a panicky look on his face. "Don't fucking worry! I'll get ya up."

I took off my bathrobe and dropped it on the end of the bed as I was walking to the other side. When I turned to get into bed Michael was staring at me with an odd look on his face. "What?"

"God you've got a beautiful butt."

I laughed. "Yours isn't bad either and I wouldn't mind you getting to know mine a lot better." Michael and I slid under the covers at the same time and met in the middle of the bed. We kinda slid into each other, entwining our legs and wrapping our arms around each other. Michaels head was resting on my right upper arm, we were kissing and moving our bodies against one another. I ran my left hand slowly down until it was on his lower back, I moved on to his butt and marveled at the smoothness.

Michael's mouth was working on my neck and he was having an incredible affect. The kisses, the small bites and long licks on my neck just below my ear were driving me crazy, my body twisting, seemingly of it's own accord in response to his mouth and tongue.

Michael worked his way in between my legs with his and I just naturally wrapped my legs around his waist. His tongue was down my throat and the tip of his cock kinda just naturally positioned itself at my asshole.

Michael had worked around to my ear and whispered. "I've never done this but I think that I really need to fuck you. I know, I know........maybe it's too soon but god I wanna be in you." His right hand was caressing my shoulder and neck while his mouth work on the other side.

I was almost gasping for breath. "Condoms, lube, in the nightstand." I took Michael's face in both of my hands. "Go slow! I've done this before but it's been a long time."

Michael kissed me hard. "I promise babe! Honest to god I won't hurt ya!"

He was kneeling between my legs with his cock sticking practically straight up and a happy puppy look on his face. I took the condom out of his hand and tore the foil open with my teeth. I looked up at him. "Never done this?"

Michael was practically quivering with excitement and the precum was really beginning to flow. "No, guys would ask me to but I guess I thought that it was too much of a commitment. And anyway I didn't think things could get much better than a blow job."

I scooped up some of his precum and rubbed it up and down his cock along with a little lube. "But now you want to?"

A shiver ran through his body as I rolled the condom down onto his cock. "God yes! I want you!"

"Michael, I want you to put your hands under my knees and push them back against my chest and I'll guide you in. But remember, slow!" He was slowly pushing my knees up and I guided his cock to my butt. I pushed out while he was pressing in and it hurt like hell for the first few seconds but once the head of his cock was in it got better quick.

My hands were on Michaels knees and he was responding well to my controlling him that way. As his cock began move into me and once I got past the pain I looked up at Michael and his eyes were closed and for just a split second I could see the little boy that he would have been years before, a look of perfect bliss on his face.

"A little deeper Michael. That's it." His balls were beginning to slap against my ass. "Oh fuck that's good! Harder!"

His eyes snapped open and he looked down at me. "It's okay? You're sure?"

"Oh fuck yes!" I raised my head and pulled him down so that we could kiss. "Oh man! Fuck my ass!"

Michael was becoming more aggressive as he gained confidence and now his dick was slamming into me, creating an unbelievable sensation. I reached down and started beating myself off. He reached down and cupping my face in his hands buried his tongue down my throat. "I'm getting close!"

"Cum inside me! I wanna know that you're shooting your load in me!

Michael made a little whimpering sound and then said. "Jeff, I'm fucking cumming! Oh fuck!" He straightened up, holding just my ankles and his body went rigid, his head flew backward and then forward, his chin on his chest.

I was whipping my cock and knowing that he was filling the condom in my ass with his cum brought me off just seconds after Michael came. Michael watched me shoot and then, tentatively at first, he reached out and started to spread my cum around my chest with his hands.

Finally Michael slowly pulled his cock out of my ass and sat back on his heels. He had a dazed, exhausted look on his face. My cum was on his hands and he stared at them and then rubbed the cum onto his chest. I reached into the nightstand for a towel and pulled the full condom off of his cock and wiped his dick and then his chest. He gently took the towel from me and lying next to me, wiped the cum off of my chest.

I rolled on my side to face him and I felt like we were really seeing each other for the first time. Michael looked different, relaxed, happy and something more.

He leaned forward a bit and put his right hand behind my neck and then bent and kissed me. "Thank you."

I smiled at him. "You're welcome."

His fingertips were moving over my face. "That's like the best thing that ever happened to me."

"Wanna do it again?"

He laughed. "I take it that you liked it?"

"Yeah I did. The last time that I got fucked it hurt like you wouldn't fuckin believe and the guy that was doing didn't give a damn about me. But this was sooo different. Maybe just knowing that it was you." I kissed him. "This time it felt...........fucking incredible!"

Michael laid his head on my chest. "You're fucking incredible!"

I reached over and turned the light off. "We probably should take a shower but fuck it." I turned on my left side pulling Michael with me so that he was spooning me. My head was on his upper arm and his right arm held me to him. I covered it with my own.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

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Walking on the beach

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It had been a long day at work and I couldn't be bothered cooking so I decided to go for a walk on the strand down the road from my house. It was a very warm evening and I had been feeling particularly horny so I got into my shorts and t-shirt, the kind of tight shiny Adidas shorts that accentuate my bulge and ass. I may be in my thirties, but I keep trim and, if I may say so, look good for my age.

The tide was well out and I spent the first half hour walking along the shoreline towards the cove on the far part of the strand. For such a lovely evening the beach was deserted save for a few people out with dogs. In the distance I could make out a solitary figure approaching me from about a hundred yards away. He immediately got my attention as he was about 18, cropped blond hair, about 5'10 at a guess and wearing denim cutoffs and a white shirt open to his navel.

My cock began to stir in my shorts as my mind fantasized about this beautiful looking twink that was fast approaching. As he neared it was quite clear that he was looking intensely at me, as I was with him and as we passed each other by I was sure that he had seen my bulging shorts - his bulge looked just as impressive. I couldn't resist looking back and was surprised to see him doing likewise. Perhaps this was going to be my lucky evening.

I steered towards one of the caves and loitered outside, sitting on a rock, looking out to sea. He turned around and ambled back, hi hands in his pockets rearranging the visible line of his cock down his left pants leg. He passed my by without a word and went into the cave. I could hear his footsteps on the gravel as he went deeper into the darkness. This was too good to be true, so I followed him in, keeping a respectful distance. In the semi-darkness I could clearly see his outline against the wall, he had his shorts zipper open and was calmly stroking his 7" teen cock.

He smiled as I got closer and we exchanged pleasantries. I pushed aside his white shirt exposing a smooth chest and took his nipples in between my fingers and pinched him gently and at the same time drew him closer to me. His lips parted and we kissed, deeply, sucking each other's tongues. He moaned as my fingers manipulated his nipples and his hard cock twitched and pushed against the fabric of my shorts, rubbing against my now fully erect and leaking penis.

I sank down onto my knees and gripped his cock at the base. It was silky smooth, hard and slightly curved upwards. I licked the tip and began to glide my lips up and down his shaft. His hands gripped my hair and his hips bucked back and forth as he delved deeper into my mouth. I pushed forward to engulf his whole length and began to feel it push deeper and deeper until the tip was down my throat and making me gag. This kid was good. He made me stand up and as I did, he shucked my shorts and jock down my thighs. My cock sprang fully erect, the tip wet with precum. He bent over and took it into his mouth, sucking deep and hard.

I leaned over his back and began to rub his ass, my hand delving between his ass cheeks and my finger finding his rose bud. I pushed in gently as he sucked until my finger was fully inside him. Suddenly he stood up, startling me. I thought I had gone too far but all he wanted to do was take a bottle of poppers from his pocket. We shared the bottle, sniffing deeply and getting high together. This kid was making me really hot. He asked me if I would fuck him - I didn't need another invitation.

Turning around to face the cave wall, he bent over, spread his legs and braced himself. I gave him another sniff of the poppers in the hope that he would be relaxed enough to take my cock without too much discomfort. I'm 7" too but very thick, it will not be too easy for him. Holding my cock by the base and rubbing it up and down his pucker, I found the hole and began to push in. God this kid was tight. He was clearly hurting judging from the sounds he was making. As my cock invaded his teen hole he began to cry out. I pushed one final time and my cock slid in right up to the hilt.

I held it there so that he could relax a little and at the same time kissed his neck. He turned his face and we kissed as I began to slide my cock in and out of his tight hole. Faster and faster I pounded in response to his moaning, grabbing his shoulders and ramming harder and deeper. I fucked him for what seemed an age and I could feel myself getting close to shooting my load into this horny boy.

To my surprise he wanted me to pull out and spray my cum all over his face. I pulled out of his ass, he turned around, got on his knees and I began to furiously jerk in his face. That orgasm was one I'll never forget, five to six streams of spunk flew out of my cock, coating his face and lips with cum. It dripped down his cheeks, mouth and chin, pooling on his chest.

I wanted more of this young boy, so getting him to stand, I knelt down and engulfed his cock in my mouth. I wanted that teen cum so badly. He was very close and my urgent sucking soon had him shooting a wad of teen cum into my mouth and down my throat. He lay against the wall exhausted looking like a model from a Cadinot Film. We smiled, pulled up our shorts, kissed and made our way out of the cave and down the strand towards the car park. He passed out of sight with a wave and a shout that he'd be down the beach again the following night.

I'll be waiting.

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Lets get the mood right

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"That's a wrap fellas, Album number seven is done!" R&B group sensation New Edition cheered along with their new music producer P. Diddy that made it all happen. "One Love" was there long anticipated comeback album after being gone for so long, and with everyone doing solo projects. They all decided to go out to Diddy's new restaurant for the special occasion. Although it had been years since Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill have talked, Ralph couldn't help but to think about how mean he was towards Johnny. When they replaced their childhood friend/ group member Bobby Brown with Johnny it affected him the most. Ralph still wasn't over it completely and he wasn't happy that he wasn't doing the lead on all the songs like he use too. Sure Johnny had a stronger, more mature baritone voice, but Ralph had the boyish, clean-cut good looks that could melt anyone's heart.

During the party, Ralph sat across from Johnny at the dinner table and he realized that for an older man at the close of 40, he still looked damn good! While Johnny was talking to one of the producers for he album, Ralph took this time to scan his body features. His skin was still a deep dark chocolate tone that Ralph loved about him, those beautiful brown eyes that he seduced Ralph many times with when they argued, and the voice of manly God that seduced anyone who heard it. His short curly black hair, those luscious chocolate lips, and finally to his gorgeous body that he toned almost everyday. During the album photo shoot he couldn't help but to look at Johnny's big muscular pecs, his washboard abs, and those bulging biceps that flexed in his tight shirts.

Johnny noticed Ralph's stare and so he asked, "You alright man?"

Johnny reached over and shook his hand waking him up from his trance.,"Ohuh yeah I'm cool," he stammered and trying gain composure. "Just gotta lot on my mind that's all." he said.

"You wanna talk about it man? We got time." Johnny asked.

"I'll tell ya later after dinner." Johnny smiled and said a friend "Okay."

During dinner, Johnny couldn't help but to stare at Ralph. Had to admit, Ralph was fine, he was always was the best looking one in the group. He noticed that he worked out a lot since the group broke up. His skin was flawless and a nice caramel chocolate tone, nice big red lips, a dazzling white smile, and a "sensitive" side that would make anybody want him. Johnny and Ralph locked eyes a couple of times but they continued to brush it off like it was nothing.

After dinner the group all went there separate ways except for Johnny and Ralph. They both agreed to walk down into Central Park and since there were not many people there (it was around 2 in the morning) they didn't have to worry about signing any autographs. They sat down on a bench and looked around the park like they were trying to find the words to say to each other. Finally Johnny asked him, "So what do you wanna talk about Ralph?"

Ralph took a deep breath and replied, "Well I wanna apologize for the way I've been actin' towards you. I mean since the first time we met I been actin' like an asshole to you, and I really never had a chance to get know you like the boyz did. I was wonderin' if we could start over again. You think we could do that?"

Johnny stared at him for a couple of seconds then he smiled, "Yeah we can start over." Johnny said.

Ralph glanced over to Johnny and smiled back at him. "But don't you have somethin' else to tell me?" he asked.

Ralph looked at Johnny with a questionable look on his face. "What? Whatchu mean?" he asked.

"Well if you aint gonna tell me, then I gotta show you." Ralph was confused.

"Wait show me wha..." His question was cut off by Johnny's big warm lips moving onto his lips. Johnny got closer to Ralph, held onto his expensive jacket and rubbed his neck and down his back. Ralph held onto Johnny's muscular arms and reached over to his chest and opened the jacket and button up shirt and rubbed his muscular chest.

Johnny pulled himself away and said, "Come on, let's go back to my place." He grabbed Ralph's hand and they walked back to the street and called for there limo. As soon as they arrived at his place, they couldn't keep their hands and lips off each other. They stripped some of there clothes before they walked over to the elevator that Johnny only used a couple of times (Only after long exhausting performances on stage). They kissed and molested each other on their way up. Johnny released his lips from Ralph and started singing one of hits, "Love in a Elevator". Ralph laughed and they walked into the master bedroom.

"Wow man I've never been up to your room before." Ralph said looking around the room. "You've never been up here before, forreal?" Johnny said walking over to his large stereo system. "Nope, this is my first time." he said sitting on the bed.

Meanwhile, Johnny was searching for CD's, "Whatchu doin?" Ralph said taking his socks and pants off. "Hold on a sec alright here we go." He said. The music started and Ralph realized it was one Johnny's singles "Wrap My Body Tight" Johnny turned around and mouthed the words to the song and did a sexy dance/walk towards Ralph. At this point Ralph only had his tank top and his boxers on, and he was ready for Johnny.

Ralph smiled and laughed at Johnny doing his dance for him. Johnny started unbuttoning his shirt then exposed his sexy body to Ralph. Ralph whistled to him telling him to take it all off. Johnny unbuckled his belt slowly and slowly dropped his pants to the beat of the song. The song quickly switched over to "My, My, My", one of his stellar hits from the early nineties. Johnny waved his finger to Ralph telling him to come over to where he was. Ralph got off the bed and walked over to Johnny, he planted his lips on his. They slow danced to the song, while Johnny slipped off Ralph's T-Shirt and dropped it to the floor.

Ralph reached in Johnny's briefs and found his dick slowing growing hard in his hand. They walked back over to the bed and Johnny lay back on the bed, watching Ralph go down and slip off his briefs. As soon as his hard dick popped out, the song switched to "There You Go" a very sexy, seductive song that is one of Johnny's favorites to make love to. As soon as the chorus hit Ralph went down on Johnny's beautiful dick. Johnny moaned aloud from the feeling of Ralph's sexy warm mouth going down his dick. Johnny rubbed Ralph's head and pushed his mouth further down his dick.

"Oh shit" Johnny slurred from the sexual state he was in. Ralph sucked is dick like he was hungry for it. He went all the way up to the leaky fat head, then corkscrewed all the way down to the base, eating him all up.

Ralph slurped off of his dick and jerked it, watching it glisten with his spit, then resumed to sucking it back down his throat again. He couldn't believe he was sucking off the man he'd been quarreling with for over fifteen years. Johnny couldn't believe his dream was unfolding in front of him. Ralph lifted up and crawled on top of Johnny, giving a hot kiss before he rode that big dick. The song switched to "Quiet Time To Play" another smooth and sexy ballad. Hearing this Johnny rubbed his dick on the opening Ralph's tiny asshole buried deep between his thick ass cheeks. Ralph lay chest to chest on Johnny's body and felt the large dick pierce his small opening. "Oh yes" he moaned to Johnny.

Ralph lifted up then went back down on Johnny's dick taking him inch by inch, slowly but surely. "Yeah that feels so good." He said to Johnny then he kissed him again. "Your ass is tight as hell; I gotta few more inches ta go." Johnny reassured Ralph. Then Ralph decided to let it all of Johnny go inside of him. "Oh shit!" They both yelled out together. Ralph had his eyes closed; he worked Johnny with his ass muscles trying to message his dick in his ass. "Yeah that ass is sooo good better than Ronny's." Johnny said. Ralph opened his eyes, "You fucked Ronny?" He said seeing if he heard him clearly. "Yup, and Mike, still workin' on tryna get Rick he's a hard one." J

ohnny said grinding his hips upward inside of his band mate. "You didn't fuck Bobby did you? Ralph asked looking worried. "Hell naw, I don't fuck with crack heads they cum taste funny." He said. Ralph couldn't believe he saying that but he was glad he didn't.

Before they realized it, the song switched to another one of Johnny's hits, "Let's Get the Mood Right." This is one of Johnny's favorite songs to make love too. He flipped Ralph over onto his back and slowly grinded his dick deep inside of Ralph, making him moan out loud.

"Damn that feels so good Johnny yeah work that dick in my ass!" Ralph said to Johnny. Johnny leaned down and sucked and bit on each nipple as he slow grinded in Ralph's tight ass. Ralph loved everything this man was doing to him, he couldn't believe they hated each other at one time. Now here he was making love to him, what they should've done a long time ago, instead of trippin' off of who should be the lead singer or not.

"Come on Johnny, fuck me harder make me cum man." The song played on till the climax, where Johnny starts to blow, using his voice the way a true R&B artist should. Johnny listened to his lover and picked up his pace. Ralph was yelling at this point, to the point where Johnny's voice was being drowned out. This always happened when it got to the last part of the song. Ralph clawed at Johnny's back with his perfectly manicured nails. He reached down and grabbed Johnny's plump ass and forced him deeper inside of him. "Yeah Johnny that's it fuck me hard please make me cum" Ralph begged. Johnny loved to hear a man beg for him, it turned him on more than anything. The song ended and "Rub You The Right Way", another enormous #1 hit from his CD blasted on. Usually when this song came on, it meant that it was time to work that ass good and fill it up with his hot cum.

In no time, he could feel his cum ready to shoot from his dick and fill up Ralph's abused but still tight asshole. Then Ralph yelled, "I'm cumming! Johnny I'm cumming!!! Oh FUCK ME!"

Johnny could feel the warm stickiness of Ralph's load covering there abs that rubbed together. Ralph's ass tried to suck his dick off, it was contracting so hard on him. "Yeah baby, I'm cummin' too Shitt TAKE MY LOAD!!!" he yelled to Ralph. He plunged all the way inside of him feeling his cum erupt from the burning tube and flooding Ralph's warm, wet rectum.

Once Johnny cooled down finally, he pulled himself out of Ralph's worn out hole, and laid next to him on the bed; both men were sweating and heaving from there intense orgasms. The song went off to another hot song "It's Your Body," a duet with Roger Troutman. Ralph rolled over to face Johnny and asked, "So who was better in bed?"

Johnny stared at him then said, "Ralph outta all of the members, you had the best ass. Probably, one of the best asses I ever had." "Awww you lyin'" Ralph said and laughed. "Naw I'm serious, I bet that ass is still tight after I worked it like I just did." Johnny replied, and then he reached under the sheet searching for the hole. He was right it was still virgin tight but leaking cum all over the bed sheets. "Yup I was right." He said smiling. Both of them stared at each other, not saying a word to each other, then both men drifted off to sleep, this time with one Ralph's #1 hit "Sensitivity" playing in the background

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The butt plug

Ricky stood quietly next to the bed while Jack reached out and played with his young butch's hard pecker!!! "Are you gonna be a good boy for me today," Jack asked while jerking on the six inch piece of hard meat!?! "Oh, yes," Ricky moaned, "I promise I'll be good, you can count on me!!!" "That's not what happened last week is it," Jack retorted while recalling the events of a week ago!?! "N-no," Ricky gasped as his orgasm bubbled close to the surface, "I-I didn't mean for it to happen but he was so strong that I couldn't resist him!!!" Ricky was Jack's bitch, but last week Ricky had had and interlude with a big hard stud who fucked Ricky in his tight little ass, and while Jack acted upset over the incident, he understood how a big hard prick could attract such a cute little bitch like Ricky!!! While Jack was six feet tall and built like an athlete, Ricky on the other hand was slight of build and easy prey for a marauding hungry stud, and as cute and attractive as Ricky was, it was always a job to keep the little prick in line!!! If he was a woman he would have been your typical cock tease, and I guess that is exactly what he was, a tease!!!

Now gently teasing his little friend, Jack went on, "I dunno, Ricky, you're really not very trustworthy, think I'll have to do something to keep you in line!!!" "Y-you're not gonna whip me are you," he asked contritely, "I said I was sorry!?!" "Do you think you deserve to be whipped," Jack asked!?! With his head bowed Ricky replied, "I-I guess so, but I'm really sorry and I'll try really hard to be a good boy, I promise, I really will!!!" "Well," Jack replied thoughtfully, "I know that you'll try, but that just isn't good enough, I'm gonna have to do something to let you know what a bad little boy you've been!!!" The twenty three year old shuddered at the thought of being punished, and just as he was about to reply, his hard pecker lurched hard in Jack's hand and sent a spate of cum shooting into the air and all over the bed and of course Jack!!! "I-I'm sorry," Ricky moaned, "I couldn't help it, you got me soooooooo excited!!!" "You're just sorry about everything this morning aren't you," Jack replied evenly while reaching into the night stand drawer, "let's see if this doesn't straighten you out!!!

"W-what's that," Ricky asked nervously while staring at a large latex object that looked a lot like a dildo but different!?! "You mean this," Jack asked casually?!? "Y-yes," Ricky replied very nervously, "w-where does that go!?!" "Where do you think it goes," Jack asked evenly!?! "O-oh nooooooo," Ricky moaned, not in my asshole, it's way to huge, please don't do that to me!!!" "Are you telling me what to do, bitch," Jack asked harshly, "cuz if you are I will whip your fucking ass, got it!?!" "Y-yes," Ricky replied quickly, "I'm sorry, it's just that it scares me, that's all!!!" Now reaching into the drawer and extracting a jar of petroleum jelly, Jack calmly began greasing up the head of the latex dominator, and after taking his sweet time with it finally looked up and ordered, "Okay, bitch, on your tummy and spread your legs!!!"

With his heart pounding a mile a minute, Rick slipped onto the bed, and while nervously looking over his shoulder, watched with his eyes wide as saucers as Jack pressed the huge butt plug into his tight little ass!!! "Oh, god," Ricky gasped, "I-it hurts so bad, ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy, be careful, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck that hurts!!!" Jack chuckled to himself as his bitch groaned louder by the inch, until finally the latex monster snapped into place as Ricky's ass gripped the brutal invader while if left him gasping for air!!! "My, my, my," Jack said softly, "it seem that my little bitch is having some discomfort, are you in pain little man, is your asshole burning!?!" "Y-yes," he replied with a moan, "b-but it feels all hot and full, I can't quite describe it!!!" "Maybe this will help," Jack replied evenly while whacking the end of the protruding rubber with the palm of his hand, instantly causing his hot bitch to gasp and moan while his pecker instantly became erect and ready to go!!!

Jack casually tapped the end of the fat butt plug, and with each stroke the poor man was being driven closer and closer to a stunning orgasm!!! When he was sure that he was on the precipice of cummimg, Jack had the glassy eyed young man sit on the edge of the bed, which naturally put more pressure of the brutally thick plug, and after standing up in front of him, he offered his huge pecker to Ricky's hot mouth!!! He then let the hot wired bitch suck him to a quick and satisfying orgasm as his own pecker bobbed helplessly up and down in dire need of some relief of its own!!! "Mmmmmm, that was a good little bitch," Jack sighed, "I guess we're all done now, right!?!" With his eyes practically rolling back into his head Ricky grabbed his own pecker, and with a series of vicious strokes brought himself to a crushing orgasm!!!

Jack pulled the hapless bitch to his feet, and after kissing him full on the mouth, gently turned the young man around, and after having him bend over, grabbed a hold of the thick invader, and after caressing Ricky's smooth hairless ass, rammed the thick cudgel in and out of his burning bung hole until his cock again erected itself again and spasmodically fired off another cum shower, leaving the poor lad totally and completely wiped out from the experience!!!

After extracting the plug from Ricky's abused bottom, Jack planted little kisses all over his smooth cheeks and whispered, "Now, next time it will be worse, do you promise to be a good little bitch!?!" Now barely able to rely, Ricky managed to mumble, "Yeah, but I think we'll have to try this one more time just to be sure!!!"

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